Eaton has announced the introduction of its prefabricated power solutions for data centers in the U.S., providing an integrated power management platform designed to speed up installation times and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This offering can be customized to meet most data center technical requirements and is engineered to minimize the risk of unplanned downtime through proper coordination of power protective devices.

Many data centers deploy multi-module power systems separately, which can lead to long installation times and delays. Backed by the award-winning Power Xpert™ 9395 uninterruptible power systems (UPS) in synchronization with switchgear, other electrical components and management capabilities like human machine interfaces, Eaton’s prefabricated options address installation needs quickly with pre-tested and pre-wired solutions that help ensure system-level reliability. They also install up to three times faster than traditional component-based systems and can save customers $50,000 to $75,000 per UPS module by reducing contracting costs and materials.

“Our latest prefabricated offering expands on Eaton’s longstanding history of creating innovative, custom-built solutions for customers to enhance their power infrastructure,” said Philip Fischer, global data center segment manager, Eaton. “These solutions allow early adopters, such as multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs), government sites and hyper-scale facilities, to advance to the next level of prefabricated deployment and can provide value for any facilities seeking to ensure uptime and save money on installation.” 

Eaton’s prefabricated solutions are offered in three design platforms: Connected, Centralized and Contained. The Connected configuration comes in central bypass and distributed bypass options with up to four UPS modules per system. The Centralized configuration features a space-saving skid design for data centers and other environments in need of a compact footprint, which can be easily paralleled to build electrical infrastructure proportional to IT load growth. For large data centers, the Contained configuration deploys quickly to expand existing power capacity when little space is available and is designed to incorporate seamlessly into indoor or outdoor deployments.

Eaton’s prefabricated solutions are designed to integrate and streamline electrical components, including UPSs, batteries, switchgear, HVAC, fire and safety equipment, and lighting into a single unit based on each customer’s unique needs. They allow for a consistent layout across sites using standardized designs, and are tested before deployment to reduce commissioning risks.