CloudMosa continues to expand its footprint within vXchnge's Santa Clara facility. CloudMosa's accelerated growth demands superior infrastructure, design and services that are supported by vXchnge.

Founded in 2009, CloudMosa launched Puffin in late 2010 and grew its customer base to more than 500,000 users in just under one year. To date, CloudMosa's Puffin has 25 million users between its three applications: P uffin Web Browser Free, Puffin Web Browser, and Puffin Academy. vXchnge meets the demands of CloudMosa's rapid growth volume by providing a state-of-the-art facility equipped to deploy high-density applications and scale with speed, agility and redundancy via its ample marketplace of diverse network providers.

"CloudMosa's expansion within our Santa Clara facility validates vXchnge's premier capabilities as an ideal environment for companies to flourish and grow," said Ernest Sampera, CMO and senior vice president at vXchnge. "Being able to scale to a company's rapid growth with speed and flexibility is of the utmost importance to today's Cloud businesses. vXchnge answers this call by delivering operational excellence that is backed by an expert team, a proven track record, redundancy and an SLA of 100% — guaranteed."

"Our rapid growth required us to partner with a data center services company that was not only reliable, but maintained the proper power and capabilities to allow us to easily and quickly scale," said Shioupyn Shen, CEO & founder of CloudMosa. "vXchnge has exceeded our expectations as we continue to grow our company and we're excited to expand even further in the coming months."