Ed. Bruce Myatt, Mission Critical’s executive editor, has written this month’s Editor’s Note. See page 48 for a more in-depth look at the program.

With this issue we are proud to announce the first annual Data Center and Computing Conference & Expo coming this summer on June 15-16, 2015, at the world class venue Time Square Marriott Marquis, produced by the Critical Facilities Round Table and Mission Critical Magazine. We have prepared an agenda filled with world class speakers and cutting edge content with well over 50% of our content to come straight from the end-user data center community who own and operate the most advanced data centers in the world.

“How will the Cloud and Next Generation Technology affect your Data Center?” is one of the key questions we intend to answer for you in detail. We have end-user speakers from Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, and HP that will address that question from several angles, and take the surprise out of your next generation.

“What Strategy should you employ to distribute your computing across Colocation, Cloud and Enterprise spaces?” is the next issue we plan to address in a big way to help you seriously plan on when and where you want to grow and become more efficient with your portfolio of data center space with end-user facilities and cloud experts from Goldman Sachs, Blackrock Financial, and Fidelity as well as colocation operators there to show you the way. And Compass Datacenters CEO Chris Crosby will share his views about how to make things work best!

On Monday, we will explore new innovations with event keynote speaker “Mr. Open Compute” Charlie Manese to get an update on Facebooks’s ultra-efficient data center design, prefabrication and integrated IT, and MEP operations and DCIM. And, then we will get detailed guidelines on how to best select data center solutions from Schneider Electric, Eaton, and Panduit. On Tuesday we will look at the inevitable destiny of our power hungry industry to finally move “beyond PUE” and the 30% efficient grid to a future of 80% efficient energy independence with during my conference keynote presentation on Tuesday.

We plan to “Tour one of the newest data centers in New York City” and hear about how cost effective it can be to colocate in the hottest data center market anywhere! And, last but not least, we will celebrate the theme of “Mission Critical Leadership — from Thought Leadership to Action and Implementation” where we will hear from some of the greatest mission critical thinkers of our time about how to advance and achieve data center change.

We appreciate the support of our many sponsors and speakers that will help us achieve our goal of supporting our data center community and sharing information with our data center owners and operators across the country. Look at us on the web at www.mcdatacenterconf.com and register now while our super early-bird rates are still in effect.