NorthStar Battery has announced its products are now available in the UK. The battery line is designed to provide large data center customers with the most reliable backup energy solutions possible, while reducing both start-up and operating costs. NorthStar UPS Batteries have higher temperature capabilities that allow data centers to increase operating temperatures and reduce electricity costs by more than 40%.

NorthStar Battery high performance batteries deliver more watts per cell, which can reduce the footprint required by 10%. Our batteries have a longer life, which means less replacement, and reduced operating costs of more than 20%.

The NorthStar UPS batteries are designed with advanced thin plate construction, providing greater surface area than standard batteries. The greater area typically delivers 10% to 15% better performance on the high-discharge rates required by the UPS industry.

In the event of a power outage, most UPS users need 5 to15 minutes of runtime so computers can backup important data. This puts a strain on the batteries, and the high surface area in NorthStar batteries ensures the power is delivered when it is needed.

NorthStar Red UPS battery solutions multiply battery lifetime and save energy. This delivers significant savings as longer battery life means fewer replacements.

  • NorthStar Front Access cabinets are faster to service, safer to use, and easier to maintain
  • Performance excels at high rates of discharge and recharge
  • High energy density delivers more watts per cell, which can reduce footprint by 10%
  • Higher temperature capabilities that allow increased operating temperatures and reduce electricity costs by more than 40%
  • Longer life means less replacements and reduced operating costs of more than 20%
  • Advanced 3 stage terminal design to ensure leak-free operation – brass terminals provide maximum performance
  • EUROBAT design life definition: Long Life (12+ years)

NorthStar UPS products provide more energy in a smaller footprint, longer battery life, are faster to service and safer to use. Already dominant in the telecom market, front access cabinets are now experiencing an increasingly high demand in the UPS and power quality markets – and are slated to become the primary solution to these segments within the next few years.