Sentinel Data Centers has introduced Transmission+, a new product that offers availability levels approaching those of traditional best-in-class colocation with substantially less infrastructure and recurring cost. Transmission+ disrupts the traditional cost/resiliency paradigm by leveraging the high-voltage, transmission-quality, 2N utility distribution topologies at each of Sentinel’s data center campuses.

Sentinel will offer Transmission+ alongside its baseline Tier III+ product set, providing users with the flexibility to granularly tailor colocation solutions. As a result, cost structures can exactly match resiliency requirements on a workload by workload basis.

“This is a breakthrough offering for large enterprises and technology companies,” said Josh Rabina, co-president of Sentinel, “It will allow our users to deploy low cost, high availability zones for their less sensitive applications alongside highest-uptime, ‘belt and suspenders’ zones for their most critical applications.  More importantly, these different resiliency pockets can reside side by side in the same facility and within the four walls of a user’s dedicated data center suite.”

Transmission+ is immediately available at Sentinel’s 420,000 square foot NC-1 facility in Durham, North Carolina, where construction on a 50MW, 100kV substation is nearing completion, as well as at Sentinel’s 430,000 square foot NJ-1 facility in Somerset, NJ. Sentinel’s NJ-1 facility has not lost service from its diverse 69kV utility feeds since the facility was commissioned in mid-2011, including during Hurricanes Sandy or Irene. Additionally, the 100kV feeders serving Sentinel’s NC-1 facility have not experienced a simultaneous outage during the past seven year period for which records are available.

“Higher-voltage utility service is typically the last to fail and the first to restore,” added Todd Aaron, co-president of Sentinel, “We have seen from our users that there is a large market of application subsets that can tolerate the resiliency profile of an infrastructure-light design in the context of 2N, transmission-grade utility power. We expect that the cost savings available from locating these applications in a Transmission+ zone within a Sentinel data center suite will drive significant demand.”