The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) has announced The Coca-Cola Company as the newest member of its Steering Group. Intel Corporation, which previously served as a technical advisor to the ODCA, has transitioned its role to Steering Group member. The Alliance also announced a new slate of officers for 2015: Reyk Bederke, ODCA chairman and president, vice president, Cloud Integration Center at T-Systems; and Jonathan King, ODCA Secretary, vice president, Cloud Strategy and Business Development for CenturyLink.

"Well into our fourth year, we are excited about the progress the ODCA has made as the voice of its 300-company membership," said Reyk Bederke, ODCA Chairman and President. "Our newly appointed leadership marks the beginning of the next phase of influence for the organization and the industry. We are thrilled to have this marquis Board of global 500 companies leading the Alliance."

Julie Merriman, director of Cloud Integration and Technology, will represent The Coca-Cola Company on the ODCA Board of Directors. Other new directors are Steve Birkel, director of IT Cloud Services Engineering for Intel, and Andreas Gillhuber, vice president and global head of IT Infrastructure for BMW Group. The Board of Directors is a 15-member voting body responsible for driving the strategic direction of ODCA on a global basis.

Composed of more than 300 companies across the globe, membership in the ODCA is at an all-time high and represents enterprise IT leaders across industries. Since 2010, the Alliance has worked to document nearly 50 best practice papers, case studies and usage models that outline requirements for cloud computing adoption in the enterprise.