CyrusOne has announced that it launched a new device-agnostic customer service portal that puts at customers’ fingertips real-time access to the data center infrastructure details. Customers are provided a specific subdomain and granted user administration rights to sign in from the CyrusOne website or at

The CyrusOne online customer service portal boasts advanced support-ticket functionality, including original-request submissions and progress monitoring, which covers service level agreement (SLA) compliance. Customers can also manage physical-access requests through portal email notifications to security-office staff and review the complete list of people granted access. All support and access changes are captured in a system log for review and future reference.

The portal offers a shopping-style ordering menu with virtual catalog of power whips, cross-connects, and other available products with pictures and descriptions for placing orders. The portal enables users to subscribe to incident and change notifications based upon severity and risk levels, which are viewable on the portal or sent via email/SMS. Customers are also able to view billing information such as invoices and installed orders.

“CyrusOne’s online customer service portal is a great example of transparent data center infrastructure management and further underscores our strong customer-service reputation in the industry,” said Amaya Souarez, vice president of data center operations, CyrusOne. “We have a rolling launch of the portal that introduces more features with each new incarnation of the system — and already have more than 90 percent of customers on board to use the functionality available in the portal launched today, with the balance of customers coming on board in the next 30 days. Great value has been gained by building the portal using a customer-centered engineering approach and utilizing responsive Web design.”

In total, CyrusOne serves nine of the Fortune 20 and 144 of the Fortune 1000, among its more than 665 customers. All customers that choose to take advantage of the new customer portal are trained and on-boarded by a select CyrusOne Global Service Desk team, to ensure a painless and seamless transition. The portal is device-agnostic, allowing for access from smartphones, tablets, desktops, and basically any device that has the ability to access the website. The system makes multiple templates and forms available to foster ease of use. Customers can create and control permissions so multiple users in different roles can access the portal for their specific needs. Customer numbers segregate each customer into a separate subdomain for security.

Additional functionality is still to come to the CyrusOne online customer portal throughout 2015.

CyrusOne specializes in providing highly reliable, flexible, and scalable enterprise data center colocation that meets the specific growth needs of each customer across its 25 carrier-neutral data center facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. CyrusOne employs Massively Modular® to optimize design and construction materials sourcing and enable just-in-time data-hall inventory to meet customer demand. It engineers its facilities with redundant power technology, including an available 2N architecture. Customers can mix and match data centers to create their own production and/or disaster recovery platforms, by combining facilities via the low-cost, robust interconnectivity provided by the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX).