Uptime Institute has announced 15 winning projects in the second annual Brill Awards for Efficient IT. The Brill Awards seeks to showcase end users, service providers, and technologies that improve the industry's ability to sustainably deliver IT services to endusers while minimizing cost and other resources. These Brill Awards are judged by a panel of more than 90 distinguished industry professionals who evaluated submissions from leading enterprises around the world.

These projects exhibited notable advancements in increasing the efficiency of IT assets in the broadest sense of the word — efficiency of capital deployment, technology, design, operations, and overall management.

“I was most impressed about the creativity we are seeing from entrants relating to new ways to adapt old and emerging technologies together, to provide ingenious solutions to enable IT and data center facility efficiencies,” said Brill Awards judge Steve Press, vice president at Kaiser Permanente. “The sharing of information made possible by this forum has created a ground swell of collaboration between traditional IT and Facilities groups and caused the vendor community to listen and provide products never before available. It's nice to see this level of positive change in the industry.”

Uptime Institute will host a Brill Awards VIP dinner at Uptime Institute Symposium 2015 (May 19-21 in Santa Clara, CA). Symposium is the industry’s only opportunity to see many of the innovative Brill Awards case study presentations. 


Global Leadership: Each year, Uptime Institute elevates certain applications out of the individual entry categories to honor with a Global Leadership Award. The winners of the Leadership Award category span multiple disciplines or regions.

  • The Boeing Company
  • United Airlines, Inc.

Brill Awards entrants are judged by region (North America, Latin America, EMEA & Russia, and Asia Pacific) and entrants may submit in as many as five categories: Data center Design, Operational Data Center Upgrade, Data Center Facilities Management, IT Efficiency, and Product Solutions.

The winners are:

  • AIG, American International Group, Inc. (Operational Data Center Upgrade, North America)
  • Banco Bradesco S.A. (Operational Data Center Upgrade, LATAM)
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation (Data Center Design, North America ) *tie
  • DuPont Fabros Technology (Data Center Design, North America ) *tie
  • EBRC, European Business Reliance Centre (Data Center Facilities Management, EMEA)
  • Falabella (Data Center Design, LATAM)
  • Itaú Unibanco (IT Efficiency, LATAM)
  • Morgan Stanley (Data Center Facilities Management, North America)
  • NEXTDC (Product Solutions, APAC)
  • Nomura Research Institute (Data Center Design, APAC)
  • Porto Seguro S.A. (Data Center Facilities Management, LATAM)
  • The Raytheon Company (IT Efficiency, North America)
  • Swisscom AG (Data Center Design, EMEA)

“Entries for the 2015 Brill Awards exceeded my expectations, with many of the winners focusing on holistic sustainability projects that addressed both IT utilization and facilities improvements,” said Kevin Heslin, chief editor of The Uptime Institute Journal and Brill Awards program director. “The awards include winners from many regions, facility types, and vertical industries, demonstrating that efficient IT projects are attainable and valuable across the entire spectrum of the industry.”

For more information about these projects, please visit the Brill Awards website.