SAVACO has chosen the LCL data center in the Diegem, Belgium, as the extension of and back-up for its own data center in Kortrijk. The Kortrijk-based ICT company has opted in favor of colocation at LCL among other things owing to the state-of-the-art data center services and the presence of the largest telecom operators near the Diegem site. SAVACO wants to provide an even better service for clients with very demanding Business Continuity requirements for a number of key applications. Furthermore, a second data center will enable SAVACO to develop a wider range of cloud services.

To remain operational at all times, the data of SAVACO and its clients have to be stored in a second data center. This data center, at LCL in Diegem, is now operational. SAVACO is fully responsible for the day-to-day management.

SAVACO was looking for a professional, state-of-the-art data center with first-class electricity and cooling facilities in the Brussels region. “If a meteorite falls on our roof in Kortrijk tomorrow, we want to have a solution for our clients. Brussels is a long way from Kortrijk. Our clients need to feel reassured,” says SAVACO CEO Carl Sabbe. “The fact that all the major telecom operators are located in the region was a key criterion in our decision-making process. What's more, we were pleased to note that high bandwidth is much cheaper here than in Kortrijk. Another major requirement was a private, direct line between the data center in Kortrijk and the one in Brussels.”

“The LCL data center in Diegem met all these conditions”, says Sabbe. “LCL is a professional organization with the personal approach of an SME. The management-level talks went very smoothly. LCL is a partner that goes in search of solutions tailored to your needs and requirements. We appreciate that enormously. Plus our business profiles match very well. As the data center in Diegem is at a safe distance from our data center in Kortrijk, it offers an ideal solution for back-up and disaster recovery applications. And we can develop our range of cloud services from here, too.”

In SAVACO, LCL has found a partner with a range of services that can be of great interest to its clients, too: private cloud services. “A lot of our clients are thinking about switching to the cloud”, says LCL managing director Laurens van Reijen. “So joining forces with a private cloud applications host can only benefit our clients.”

SAVACO offers private cloud solutions that it implements and maintains for companies on premises. In 2013 the Kortrijk-based company joined the HP CloudAgile Program, an international program designed to enable local companies to switch to the Cloud. So they can benefit from the experience of the leading ICT player on the market (HP), combined with the know-how and experience of local ICTcompanies like SAVACO. SAVACO provides these cloud services from its own data center based entirely on HP Servers, Storage, and Network infrastructure.