RF Code has launched the next phase in its Workplace IoT platform with the announcement of Asset Manager 4.0 for Data Centers, which provides enhanced flexibility, event predictability and an even more extensive asset lifecycle management solution to global enterprise data centers and hosting, cloud and colocation (HCC) providers.

Known as the leader in real-time asset management and data center monitoring, RF Code’s software is already used by all its data center customers. Over three hundred of the world’s largest organizations — including the managed services and HCC sectors, the financial industry and telecommunications — deploy RF Code’s sensor networks to enable precise power, cooling and asset control from a centralized location.

Over the past eight years, RF Code has built a multi-tiered solution containing an unparalleled suite of sensors; open-architected middleware to enable BMS, DCIM, ERP and ITSM applications to work with live, as opposed to aged, data; and its Asset Manager platform, used both in conjunction with, and instead of, DCIM systems.

True asset management requires 100% visibility of asset location, whether arriving in the loading dock, awaiting configuration, sitting in storage, or deployed in a rack. Unlike conventional DCIM and asset management systems that can only track network-connected devices, RF Code provides continuous asset location visibility throughout the asset’s entire lifecycle. With the industry average stating that most companies are only able to accurately audit 80% of their data center assets, this leaves millions of dollars of systems either lost, inactive, or still drawing power without any processing workload.

Combined with its broad range of wire-free instrumentation, the RF Code Data Center Management platform correlates multiple sources of power, cooling, environmental, asset and integrated solution data to provide rapid return on investment, visibility into the total cost of ownership of a facility, and the accurate management of data center efficiency and cost.

Andy Lawrence, vice president of research, datacenter technologies at 451 Research, said, “RF Code’s software is used by many global enterprise and colocation data centers, leading to improved efficiencies and, we believe, a good return on investment. This move is part of an unfolding strategy at RF Code — the company is becoming firmly established as a data center management player.”

Key features of RF Code’s Data Center Management platform include:

  • Automated, accurate asset location visibility across the asset’s entire lifecycle, regardless of network or power connectivity
  • Intelligent adaptive thresholds and monitoring capabilities that adapt and change with the data center environment
  • Powerful analytics and advanced reporting engines that refine data into actionable information and executive level intelligence
  • Open architecture and industry standards compliance for easy integration with BMS, ITSM, ERP, DCIM and other management applications

Ed Healy, CEO at RF Code, concluded, “As our customers will testify, these new capabilities enhance a platform that has already been providing quicker, easier and more visible ROI than other DCIM applications, and with less capital outlay. Our flexible, open integration layer allows global organizations to effectively position RF Code solutions as essential when planning in- and outsourced related capital costs, and to drive down data center TCO.”

RF Code continues to be the essential component for enterprises seeking to realize both immediate and ongoing value from their DCIM applications. CA Technologies, Nlyte, Siemens, FieldView Solutions and other data center management systems continue to benefit from the “always-on” asset tracking and extensive data from RF Code’s sensor network.