Nlyte Software has introduced Nlyte Hyperscale Edition, which is designed to manage complex, highly dynamic data center environments with certified support for up to 150,000 racks and 30,000 asset changes a month. Built on Nlyte’s proven distributed enterprise architecture, Hyperscale Edition can scale across multiple physical servers to maintain a real-time interactive user experience for operators of even the largest and most complex data center environments.

For over a decade, Nlyte has set the standard for flexibility and scalability of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions. With the ever increasing demands in the market for more computing power, many organizations are finding their data centers growing into hyperscale territory. These fast-paced environments require streamlined workflows and extremely fast application response times to efficiently support the thousands of changes occurring in any given week. To accommodate the unique needs of these hyperscale data centers, Nlyte has added new capabilities and enhanced its industry-leading architecture to ensure rapid application response times even under massive load.

“Our customers want to increase the speed at which they can deploy new applications with high levels of service while simultaneously reducing the unit cost of IT,” said Doug Sabella, president and CEO of Nlyte. “And they are doing this at a rate and scale never imagined in the past. Since 2004, Nlyte has set the standard for supporting all sizes of data centers with our pure-play DCIM offering. Our introduction of Nlyte Hyperscale Edition is in direct response to customers’ demands to ensure rapid application response times at any scale of data center.”

Taking advantage of Nlyte’s unique enterprise-class architecture, Hyperscale Edition is deployed in a highly distributed fashion. It is designed and certified to scale efficiently and enables enterprise-class application services – such as backup, restore, resiliency, redundancy and load balancing – to be included in the deployment. Hyperscale Edition includes Nlyte’s full portfolio of packaged, out-of-the-box connectors to support integration with existing management frameworks for virtualization, configuration management database (CMDB) and service desk. It also includes Nlyte’s new Big Data connector, which enables users to leverage vast quantities of real-time energy data throughout the DCIM-driven decision-making process. The Hyperscale Edition package also provides Nlyte’s full complement of mobile inventory management applications, including goods receiving, provisioning and auditing, which are otherwise à la carte options for users of other Nlyte products.

Hyperscale Edition complements Nlyte’s existing offerings, Nlyte On-Demand and Nlyte Enterprise. Nlyte On-Demand is the rapid deployment software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering designed to support organizations typically with fewer than 1,000 racks, or for customers that have made a specific choice to exclusively use SaaS management solutions throughout their management portfolio. Nlyte Enterprise is the company’s flagship on-premise offering for mid-sized and large enterprises using tens of thousands of racks and that wish to maintain on-premise management applications.