SolarWinds has announced new and enhanced product offerings to help IT ensure optimal application performance by monitoring the complete application stack (AppStack) through a single pane of glass. Specifically, the company introduced the new Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) and released significant updates to Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Virtualization Manager and Web Performance Monitor (WPM), including greater integration with SolarWinds’ Orion® technology backbone and the new SolarWinds® AppStack dashboard.

According to a recent SolarWinds survey, application performance and availability affect 93 percent of business end users’ abilities to do their jobs. However, the struggle to ensure this performance and availability continues, as evidenced by the 81 percent of end users who contacted their IT departments in the past year due to an application issue, a third of whom did so six times or more.

“Applications and the supporting IT infrastructure are the center of every business. When those applications and systems are slow and when access is not available, productivity comes to a halt, revenue opportunities are lost — businesses suffer. As such, IT pros cannot afford to continue trying to resolve application issues within disconnected silos,” said Nikki Jennings, group vice president, systems management products, SolarWinds. “With these latest releases and the addition of the AppStack dashboard capability across our core systems management solutions, SolarWinds provides IT pros unparalleled top-to-bottom visibility of the application delivery chain—including storage, servers, virtualization, cloud, the Web and more—to better identify, prioritize, and resolve application issues.”