While Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is standard for data centers industry wide, the ability for customers to easily access full visibility of their data center environment is far from common. FORTRUST’s new COLOVIEW, a proprietary technology developed by Bryon Miller, senior vice president of operations, FORTRUST, allows customers 24-hour real time access to a rare, in-depth view of their colocation environment from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

After logging in, customers can see individual rack and power topology, as well as circuit type and configuration detail. Customers receive real-time data about comprehensive power utilization, delivery aisle temperature, relative humidity, power capacity planning, and then are able to make a real-time or historic trend analysis of their specific colocation environment using whatever parameters they choose. COLOVIEW also makes the customer aware of any alarms, such as circuit capacity alarms and A/B redundant failover alarms that may affect their data center environment. 

Using the information uniquely provided by COLOVIEW, customers can validate power circuit requirements, better plan for future provisioning, manage capacity for future hardware procurement, provision power based on hardware and power utilization, and identify proper failover configuration of power circuits and hardware configurations. Customers can even confirm their data center’s achievement of their SLA agreement.

 “COLOVIEW makes it easy for customers to get the most out of their data center investment,” says Bryon Miller. “It provides the benefits of an in-house data center—control, visibility, and a sense of security — without all the hassle and expense of actually owning and operating one.”