Emerson Network Power has introduced the Liebert® eXMUPS system for small and medium power requirements seeking greater cost control, flexibility, optimization, and speed of deployment. The 3-phase UPS will be available in North America (including Canada), Central America and Latin America in March in eight fixed capacities from 10 to 100kVA/kW,in 208V and 220V.  

“Managers of small to midsize UPS power applications are faced with significant economic challenges in powering data center and remote IT facilities. They need fast solutions that deliver lower first costs and ongoing operational savings, while allowing for flexibility in a dynamic IT environment,” said Peter Panfil, vice president, global power, Emerson Network Power.

The ENERGY STAR® qualified Liebert UPS delivers among the highest efficiency levels for midsize power applications. During double conversion mode, the transformer-free Liebert eXM UPS delivers 95.4% efficiency. While in energy saving Eco-Mode, efficiency increases up to 98%. Customer savings of more than $1,000 annually can be achieved for every efficiency%age point gained per 100kW. In addition, the unity power factor design delivers the highest level of power capacity, reducing cabling and installation costs and saving more than 30% in floor space over comparable configured systems.

Optimized ancillaries add significant flexibility to meet dynamic IT environments. These include matching battery cabinets that extend runtimes, bypass cabinets to allow full-system maintenance without critical load shutdown, distribution cabinets offering subfeed breakers and panel boards to connect to load, and paralleling cabinets to achieve higher capacities or add redundancy.

The intelligence capabilities of the Liebert eXM UPS include a robust on-unit LCD panel which manages operational parameters while reducing human error. The Alber® battery monitoring option improves the reliability of backup batteries through continuous testing and reporting. Additionally, the exclusive LIFE Services provides rich lifecycle management via continuous remote diagnostics and proactive service dispatch.  Emerson experts use advanced service level data and IP-based communications to anticipate, identify, diagnose and respond to problems before they can cause downtime or hinder performance.

Superior operational control can be realized through the Emerson Network Power data center infrastructure management system, the Trellis platform, or the Liebert Nform and Liebert SiteScan systems, each delivering improved overall control, visibility and infrastructure performance.