Device42, Inc. has announced it has completed its software integration with RF Code, Inc. Integrating RF Code’s environmental monitoring capabilities provides Device42 customers with enhanced real-time insight and control of a broad range of data center infrastructure management and environmental monitoring factors.

Specifically, the integration provides Device42 users historical trends and real-time information and alerts on RF Code monitored environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, dewpoint, air pressure, fluid/leak detection, and other threshold-sensitive factors that impact data center facility sustainability and cost management.

“Our integration partnership with RF Code has enabled us to extend the data center management capabilities of Device42 to now include the environmental monitoring and control capabilities of RF Code,” stated Steve Shwartz, CTO for Device42. “Device42’s software can now manage the entire data center infrastructure including physical, logical, virtual, and environmental factors from a centralized console and consistent user interface, providing customers with increased insight and control of their entire data center.”

“We are pleased to bring RF Code’s environmental monitoring and control functionality to the Device42 DCIM solution,” stated Richard Jenkins, vice president of worldwide marketing and business development for RF Code. “This partnership will provide access to Device42’s DCIM functionality and, from RF Code, the granular visibility and control of environmental factors that enable operational and financial efficiency.”