To support its new data center hall and reduce total cost of ownership, TCU deployed Active Power’s CleanSource® PowerHouse solution, a complete modular electrical infrastructure system, at its campus in Fort Worth, TX.

The two 500 kW purpose built enclosures are each made up of Active Power’s flywheel based UPS product, automatic transfer switch, and other ancillary equipment. The redundant electrical design is made up of A and B power feeds. The two systems shipped in November 2014 and were started up in January 2015. Holder Construction served as general contractor on the project and purchased the two systems from Active Power.

“From the beginning, we were space challenged knowing the building we repurposed for the data center hall was not structurally designed to support the weight of a conventional data center electrical room,” said Travis Cook, deputy CTO, at TCU. “Active Power’s solution fit extremely well in the small space we had available outdoors, enabling us to maximize indoor space for computing power. The systems also arrived fully assembled and factory tested which reduced the total amount of time required to build and deploy our electrical plant.”

“The CleanSource PowerHouse solution at TCU required substantially less time and effort to commission than a conventional brick and mortar construction and will ultimately reduce their total cost of ownership” said RJ Adleman, vice president, Global Sales and Marketing, at Active Power. “Additionally, this solution, which features the Active Power CleanSource flywheel UPS, offers greater reliability and higher energy efficiency than a system using a legacy double conversion UPS.”