TELADATA has announced that its 2015 Technology Convergence Conference (TCC) will feature enduser case studies as part of its popular data center operations track.  Held on February 26th in Santa Clara, California, the Track will feature speakers from Box, VMare, Oracle, Blue Shield, and eBay, among others.

Track A, one of two primary tracks for the 2015 TCC, is titled IT, Facilities, or Data Center Case Studies. It offers both individual presentations and collaborative panel discussions centered on owner/operator case studies and specific experiences with the newest trends and technologies at work in today’s facilities.

Saurabh Bhutani, Data Center Engineer at Box, will kick-off Track A with a presentation titled How Box Tripled Data Center Capacity Without Adding a Single Cabinet. This case study explores how Box recently distributed its computing infrastructure across three facilities and, in the process, decided to deploy intelligent rack power distribution which ultimately enables Box to make better informed decisions about how its applications are run.

Track A also offers a panel discussion titled Full Circle with DCIM: From Concept to Completion. During this session, panel participants will talk about the process of identifying all of the stakeholders that can realize the benefits of DCIM, gathering their individual needs and goals for a successful DCIM deployment, and the process and timeframes associated with the evaluation and final selection of a DCIM vendor. Additionally, the panel will spend time discussing their observations during the successful deployment of a DCIM solution, the need for training, and the critical need to communicate all along the way.

Smarak Bhuyan, Engineering Program Manager at eBay, will deliver a presentation titled, eBay Case Study: Redefining On-Boarding Efficiency.  The case study details how eBay implemented a program that endeavors to reduce the on-boarding time for standard racks to 24 hours across eBay's 3 core datacenter regions in PHX, SLC and LVS, as well as on its Dynamic Asset Tracking (DAT) initiative.

“TCC continues to bring many experts from different sides of business and technical operations, and provides a forum that allows the convergence of minds,” said Troy Tazbaz, Director of Oracle Cloud Global Data Center Strategy.  “Whether it’s IT, Facilities, or Finance, we need to continue bridging the gap in respective disciplines by looking at the problem holistically. This in return allows the industry to continue to push the boundaries to find additional opportunities around efficient data center design, as well as develop operational and business practices with efficiency and sustainability in mind.”

TELADATA’s Technology Convergence Conference focuses on providing an environment where IT, facilities and telecommunications professionals can assemble to exchange ideas and best practices relating to the latest technologies in data centers, IT infrastructure, audiovisual and monitoring systems. Expert speakers and resources offer delegates critical information and in-the-trenches tactics to deal effectively with key issues affecting facilities and data centers. Register here.