FieldView Solutions has announced that Rackspace® has selected the company’s DCIM software. FieldView is enabling the leading managed cloud provider to view customer power and space consumption for streamlining billing procedures and identifying available space for new business.  

FieldView Solution’s DCIM offering is purposefully built to address the unique challenges faced by multi-tenant and mega data centers. Rackspace is leveraging the solution to automatically compile facility power, cooling and available space into one consolidated dashboard view of global operations.  In addition, Rackspace is also leveraging FieldView Solutions’ award-winning DCIM software to alert its personnel on any climate or energy-related issues that need immediate attention — proactively addressing minor issues before major problems occur.   

“Everything we offer is managed, so it is paramount that we have accurate visibility into the resources consumed by our customers,” said Brevan Reyher, Rackspace data center engineer.  “FieldView’s ability to automatically extract data from critical facility systems helps us plan deployments to maximize utilization while also providing us with the insight into global operations conditions on a common platform.”

“In order to be profitable, cloud-based hosting facilities must effectively utilize power and available space,” said Sev Onyshkevych, CMO for FieldView Solutions, Inc.  “However, many hosting companies lack the ability to collect all the necessary data to assemble an accurate view into facility operations. FieldView continues to address this issue for some of the world’s largest mission-critical facilities and provide managers with the needed information to optimize operations and help ensure uninterrupted services.”