The ASCO® PowerQuestTM 2.0 - 5700 integrates four advances that improve on-site power monitoring and control.

Specific features include a universal interface that simplifies monitoring, controlling, and reporting on system status, and visualization of warnings. The dashboard and interface enhance the new system's “plug-and-play” capabilities. General energy reports that indicate a facility's energy efficiency and alarm/outage reports that identify 'hot spots' or potential problems help facility managers better operate data and telecom centers, and government facilities. The reports help hospitals better comply with NEC 220.87 standards for energy demand, Medicare audit reports and Joint Commission or NFPA 110 test reports. User activity reports show who logged in at what time, from where, and even who attempted to login and was denied access, including their IP Address. Equipment activity reports show logs of any controls or settings changes to any device.

ASCO PowerQuest 2.0 - 5700 also monitors and records essential data from any and all third-party devices regardless of function or manufacturer via alarm contacts and power metering using the ASCO 5212 Power Meter. Such devices encompass uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and static switches, and third-party support for automatic transfer switches.

ASCO PowerQuest 2.0 - 5700 also integrates the capability to manage all ASCO Power Control Systems, ASCO Power Transfer Switches, and ASCO Surge Suppressors, Avtron® Load Banks, major manufacturers' engine-generators and circuit breakers, Liebert® NXL and Liebert NX UPSs, Liebert STS2 Static Transfer Switches, and Liebert DS and Liebert CW Cooling, and Alber® BDSI Battery Monitoring Systems.

Monitoring all devices produces differentiated value to system operators because they get across-the-board data enabling them to optimize efficiency and availability.