The Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) from Rittal handles all the water coming from adjacent chillers and returning from operating liquid cooling packages (LCP) in data centers. Connections can be made with either 4- or 8-tap versions to efficiently replace more common manifold-type plumbing devices. With the use of a CDU, planning and installation can be quick and convenient requiring no additional plumbing as the installation of water lines becomes a truly modular property. The fittings are located in adjustable rows and accept hoses with 1½” internal diameter for maximum water flow.

Placed on either end of a row away from components, a 4-tap CDU can be added to existing installations or easily planned into new construction – these units feature the same footprint as Rittal’s LCP models. The 4-tap versions also include lockable, removable panels for security and easy access for maintenance. The 8-tap version is placed in the middle or end of the row, takes up the same space as a standard 24 in. wide enclosure, and has lockable doors front and rear for easy access.

The CDU is created using Aquatherm polypropylene pipe — with the easily-identifiable green/blue stripe — to protect against most cases of condensation build-up without the need for additional insulation — making it not only efficient to install and operate, but easy to access for routine maintenance and inspections. This unique pipe uses heat-fused connections turning pipe and fitting into a single piece that will never corrode.