The Back-UPS Pro 500 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed for networking equipment and PC systems utilizing an advanced lithium-ion battery for extended service life. Ideal for the internet gateway application, the UPS's network management capability allows remote optimization of energy controls, or automated power "reboot" of frozen network devices. Users no longer need to be at home to physically unplug and restart a frozen router or modem. The Back-UPS Pro 500 is also powerful enough for performance PC systems and provides automated shutdown capability through the USB management port.

New energy management features also provide convenience and electric bill savings by automatically switching off peripherals when not in use. Additionally, two Smart Outlets can be configured to provide either surge-only, or surge and backup battery protection, extending battery backup time for only the devices that need it.

Powerful enough to protect a performance desktop PC and keep electronics such as a modem, wireless router and voice-over IP phone running when the power goes out, the Back-UPS Pro 500 features a lithium-ion battery that is smaller and lighter than comparable lead-acid batteries, while also being recyclable and more environmentally friendly. With an eight to 10 year battery life, versus the typical three to five year lifespan of current batteries, fewer battery renewals are needed making the UPS ideal for environments were maintaining expected battery performance is critical. The Back-UPS Pro 500 powers systems up to 500 VA/300 Watts.