TELEHOUSE has announced that IX Reach has joined the New York International Exchange (NYIIX ) as its premier global reseller. Operated by Telehouse and recently upgraded to an MPLS platform, NYIIX is a leading, neutral Internet exchange point, which streamlines connectivity using state-of-the-art, scalable peering infrastructure. IX Reach, the global number one reseller for Internet Exchange Points and a leading provider of wholesale carrier solutions, joins a total of five other resellers in NYIIX’s reseller program, which officially launched in Q4 2014.

"NYIIX is the largest open International Internet Exchange in the Northeast and one with the largest peering membership base where colocating is not a prerequisite, making it a true differentiator," comments Steve Wilcox, CEO, IX Reach. “Additionally, both TELEHOUSE and NYIIX have a strong reputation in Europe, and therefore we expect this to work well on both a domestic and global level, with focus on transatlantic, European-based companies that want to peer with NYIIX. This strategy will support our objectives to grow our business in the U.S. as well.”

“Having our first global reseller on board signifies the ongoing evolution of the New York peering market and our commitment to the  global market as a whole,” says Akio Sugeno, Vice President of Internet Engineering, Operations and Business Development at TELEHOUSE. “With the addition of IX Reach to NYIIX’s reseller program, peering is now more accessible for small and medium sized networks and developing markets outside of the United States that aren’t necessarily ready to deploy their own PoPs.”