Cannon T4 Inc. has partnered with Stulz, to develop a new data center climate control technology for use in national security and extreme operations.

The two companies already cooperate worldwide on both water cooled data center and DX outdoor enclosure cooling systems. This latest collaboration came about after Cannon T4 was commissioned by the Government to develop a flexible, highly efficient, transportable data center solution that could be easily and rapidly deployed in various environmental conditions — from desert and tropical to arctic and maritime — with virtually no prior preparation and almost instant operation.

Stulz was tasked with incorporating a cooling system into the Cannon T4 Transportable Modular Data Center (TMDC) — a facility that is designed and built to specific project requirements, transported in pre-configured modules and assembled on-site. TMDCs are usually supplied with a within row, water based cooling system, but in this instance a ‘chiller less’ solution was specified by the government. It also wanted the units to utilize ‘free cooling’ where possible so that cold air from outside could assist in chilling water for air conditioning in the TMDC.

Stulz responded to this challenge by designing the Wall-Air Evolution unit, a ground-breaking system that encompasses a packaged DX cooling unit incorporating a power saving, variable speed controlled compressor system, along with a filtered fresh air and mixed mode solution. Remarkably, this is housed in a one-piece demountable unit that is able to provide up to 15kW of cold controlled air into the TMDC modules. Up to 16 of them can be used to provide over 200kW of cooling at N+1 capacity.

Mark Awdas, head of engineering at Cannon T4, and his team were set the task of making the Wall-Air Evolution units easy to store within the TMDC for transportation and quick installation. By mounting weather-proof panels where the Wall-Air Evolution units fit, during transport the TMDCs can sit on the tarmac until a call comes in — then they are flown to theater, the modules levelled and the cooling units fitted back into their apertures within minutes.

Once deployed, the entire infrastructure self-regulates the internal air temperature and auto-enables economic filtered fresh air and mixed mode cooling when ambient conditions allow. This reduces the power load of the cooling system dramatically during the colder night time temperatures experienced in most climatic regions, even in the summer months.

Cannon T4 has also developed mounting and carrying cradles, along with quick-change easy clean air filters to keep the units running efficiently. Solar shields that help the units cope with ambient air temperatures above 50°C are used where required and the whole system is monitored on a 24/7 basis by the company’s T4 Data Center Manager software solution.

Awdas concluded, ‘Having exceeded all expectations, the Wall-Air Evolution units are now being deployed worldwide in the TMDC and T4 Data Campus modular data center systems. Users have commented on their ease of use, low noise and economical running costs, and I’m delighted that we have been able to work with Stulz once again on a cooling solution that further enhances the flexibility of our modular data centers.’