Emerson Network Power was selected by T-Systems to construct one of its largest modular data centers in Spain. The data center allows T-Systems to capitalize on the significant growth in cloud services in Europe.

The project recently received the Data Centre Market award for most innovative project in Spain, and has been recognized by the Uptime Institute for providing Tier III reliability at 99.98% availability.

Specially designed and built by Emerson and integrated and serviced at its permanent location in Barcelona, Spain, the facility consists of 38 integrated modules, nearly 300 racks, and has a modular capacity of 1.1 MW. It also has a Tier III designation, which calls for 99.982% availability, infrastructure redundancies and more. Built by Emerson Network Power’s solutions team using the most innovative modular technologies, the facility meets T-Systems’ need for rapid deployment, scalability, availability, security, and efficiency.

“The construction of this data center is the cornerstone of T-Systems’ consolidation and transformation program, and allows us to provide cloud services across Europe,” said Raúl Saura, Head of Dynamic Platform Services at T-Systems Iberia. “It was absolutely strategic to quickly and successfully deploy this data center to fulfil T-Systems’ vision for the future.”

The high efficiency design of the new facility enables T-Systems to reduce its overall electrical consumption by 30%. As a result, T-Systems benefits from minimized operating costs.

“We worked relentlessly and in close concert with T-Systems to drive the success of this modular data center build,” said Scott Barbour, business leader of Emerson Network Power. “Our technical expertise, including our deep domain knowledge in power, thermal management, modular construction and our service capabilities enabled us to complete the facility within nine months, versus the traditional 24-36 months generally estimated for a stick-build construction. This all allowed Emerson to make T-Systems’ deployment possible and assist them in realizing their business objectives.”