RFID READY has released its RFID Platform™ Program for Data Centers for assistance in developing and implementing asset track and trace technologies.

Automated data collection is an emerging industry that uses sensor-based tags, hardware, and software for the real-time tracking of people, products, or assets. “The number of facilities adopting RF technologies is increasing,” said Tim Buckley, V.P. of RFID READY. “Better tracking methods provide better visibility into operations, and will help streamline processes and improve efficiencies. The technology can be used inside single facilities, or throughout an entire supply chain.”

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is one of the core technologies used for tracking processes. It is similar to bar code scanning, but because the data is transmitted through RF waves it removes the requirement for line of sight used in traditional scanning or manual procedures.

Since many data centers are contemplating the use of sensor-based technologies, RFID READY developed its RFID PLATFORM to provide companies the resources it needs to develop and deploy a successful program. The program offers talented resources in key competency areas, including RF engineers, logistics analysts, and software developers. Under the program, the resources serve as a temporary extension of a company’s own staff in order to provide expertise to get the technology implemented in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible.

“We’ve found that many data centers already have in-house resources to deploy the technologies, but require some expertise in order to make the right choices,” said Buckley. “Often a center has a systems management or a DCIM program in place that offers a limited level of RF compatibility. They only need help integrating it, and learning the tagging processes. The Platform offers highly-trained and experienced people to help make it happen, reduce the risks, and immediately connect users directly to a large pool of valuable resources.”

The program is intended for companies that are either looking to implement RF technology, or for those companies who have already started using the technology but need more assistance in improving or expanding its usage.

RFID READY is offering 20-minute introductory Webinars for facility operators to learn more about RFID Platform, information is available at www.rfidready.net.