Telx® has announced the completion of its expansion within the NYC1 and NYC3 data center facilities, by 40,000 sq ft and 50,000 sq ft respectively.

Located at 60 Hudson Street, NYC1 is a key New York City data center for Telx and serves as one of the densest carrier and enterprise connectivity environments in the world. Additional space was secured at the end of 2013 and now 40,000 sq ft of data center space is available. Customers with critical New York City expansion requirements are actively being installed.

Located at 32 Avenue of the Americas, NYC3 is Telx's third New York City-based data center, and one of six within the greater metro area. In December 2013, Telx announced an agreement to exclusively operate the interconnection facility in this building and completed its build out of additional colocation capacity in April 2014. Through an agreement to establish a global telecommunications company as a long term anchor tenant, Telx has increased its capacity by adding a new floor, bringing its footprint to over 120,000 square feet within the building.

Known as the 'Urban Giants' from the documentary sponsored by Telx, the historic buildings where NYC1 and NYC3 reside were critical telecommunications buildings that remain cornerstones of global communication and information exchange to this day. These new deployments complement Telx's comprehensive New York City metropolitan area presence that now serves over 870 customers across approximately 700,000 sq ft. This expansion also represents significant growth for Telx and highlights its continued commitment to its customers as well as its overall success within the metro area.

"New York City remains a strategic market for us as we continue to grow our customer base and foster interconnection between enterprises and service providers in the region as well as those across the globe," said Chris Downie, chief executive officer at Telx. "Expansions in NYC1 and NYC3 allow us to increase our connectivity-dense colocation capacity while securing and accelerating additional footprint in North America's most strategic data center market. Combining these expansions with our NYC2 facilities at 111 8th Avenue and our three New Jersey facilities across the river, Telx offers the largest critically enabled data center solution in the New York City metropolitan area."