Geist DCIM will launch Environet Asset this spring, giving users full control and visualization of both the logical and physical data center infrastructure. This new offering allows efficient and cost effective data center operation over all stages of device life cycles. By simplifying the process of asset management, Environet Asset empowers collection, organization, and visualization of the information needed to manage assets, network connections, power connections, and space.

This versatile new software identifies available capacity and resourcefully employs work orders to manage the entire asset lifecycle. The enterprise visualizations provide easy navigation throughout the data center, from the 3-D site level down to each individual connection. With convenient drag-and-drop functionality, connection mapping is simple and easy to configure. Dashboards and reporting provide real-time visuals within the data center allowing users to make intelligent, proactive decisions within their data center infrastructure.

The new Environet Asset module can be combined with Geist DCIM’s existing Environet Facility to provide a powerful data center and facility infrastructure management solution. Together, the software provides specialized views of all aspects of the data center environment and capacities including real-time power, cooling, environmentals — all coupled with full lifecycle management of IT assets.

“Environet Asset allows users to get the most from their current technology while planning for future growth and expansion. It provides meaningful data for real world application so our customers can effectively manage both their logical and physical infrastructures. This tool is unlike anything we’ve released before and we’re looking forward to adding significant value to the management of our customers’ facilities,” said Matt Lane, president, Geist DCIM.