FieldView Solutions, Inc. has announced that TransUnion, a global leader in credit and information management services, has selected the company’s award-winning software solution, FieldView. TransUnion is relying on FieldView’s ability to identify overheating or overcooling zones as well as pinpointing the most efficient placement of IT assets. Through these efforts, the new data center will consume less energy, reduce the facility’s environmental impact and lower its carbon footprint.

TransUnion is utilizing FieldView to extract information from the new data center’s critical facilities infrastructure to present accurate power consumption and temperature readings -- right down to the server racks. Rather than relying on manual data collection for static reporting, FieldView’s real-time monitoring, and real-time facility views will help the company quickly optimize the data center’s layout on the fly.

TransUnion’s Regional DCIM Advisor and Application Integrator, Joseph S. Zarcone, elaborates. “We are commissioning a new data center, which represents a significant investment in the transformation of TransUnion’s technology and data center infrastructure and our growing commitment to efficient facilities. With a project of this magnitude, the right tools are essential.

“We have recognized FieldView’s DCIM solution as one of the leaders in providing real-time data collection and monitoring. Due to its vendor-neutral platform it enables TransUnion to pull data from disparate systems. This will allow us to set up alerting and ticketing for power and cooling issues. TransUnion has plans to complete the integration of FieldView with our current asset management application. When completed, this project will provide an overall CMS for reporting the environmental impact to physical devices in TransUnion’s data centers.”

FieldView polls facility devices, IT devices and monitoring systems, normalizes, stores, trends, displays and provides interpretive views and reports of this operational data. FieldView creates enhanced, visual graphics showing the data center’s temperature and humidity conditions as well as proactive alerts to help minimize downtime. Data centers using FieldView typically realize a 10% to 25% annual reduction in energy-related costs.

“The use of FieldView by TransUnion clearly demonstrates our software’s role as a data center asset, at all stages in the lifecycle of a data center,” said Sev Onyshkevych, CMO for FieldView Solutions. “As the deployment continues, the use of FieldView will continue to pay dividends, allow TransUnion to meet its environmental sustainability goals, and lower its power and operational costs.”