Green House Data has announced the installation of data center equipment and the start of office construction at their new facility at 1 Ramland Road in Orangeburg, New York.

“We’re making progress commissioning the white space and building out an additional office area,” said Shawn Mills, president of Green House Data. “We expect to have 20,000 square feet of data center floor available in the first quarter of 2015.”

Orangeburg is the second step in the New York market taken by the company, which is headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyo. It has operated a cloud computing environment in nearby Piscataway, NJ for several years.

The concurrently maintainable data center facility will include 2 MW of dedicated power and four on-net providers with low latency connections to multiple carrier hotels in the region. In addition, Green House Data is one of the only national colocation providers to focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, operating up to 40% more efficiently than their competitors.

“1 Ramland is less than thirty miles from Manhattan but outside of the major flood zones we saw during Hurricane Sandy,” Mills said. “We think companies in the New York metro area will be drawn to Green House Data’s service-centric approach to managed colocation and hosting.”

The project is the second partnership between Green House Data and 1547 Critical Systems Realty, a custom data center development company. The facility is located inside a larger data center campus with ample room to expand, and is situated in a cluster that includes data centers operated by Bloomberg and Verizon.

The New York data center will extend Green House Data’s offerings for tax-free colocation, with an available Sales Tax Exemption for all customers purchasing equipment in-state. The company’s other data centers in Cheyenne and Portland, OR, have similar benefits.