MOD Mission Critical (‘MOD’) has announces that it has expanded its network of interconnected data centers within the Los Angeles, CA market. Partnering with Cyberverse, a nationwide leader in data center design and consulting, MOD has added multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) at 600 W. 7th Street to provide customers with access to additional options for uninterrupted operation of their business’ critical data.

With multiple new PoPs located within the 600 W. 7th Street facility, MOD customers can now order interconnects between clients colocated in Cyberverse, Telx and Equinix data centers in increments of 100MB, 1GB, and 10GB speeds. Cyberverse, headquartered in Los Angeles, played an integral role in the implementation of this expansion. The LA marketplace was targeted to help facilitate flexible interconnectivity options between MOD’s customers and Telx and Equinix data center facilities.

“For the benefit of MOD Mission Critical partners and customers, Cyberverse was able to create a direct connection between our own network and those of both Telx and Equinix, which had been a challenge for many companies in the past if they weren’t already located within the facilities,” states Jay Smith, VP and chief consultant for Cyberverse.

"MOD's intimate knowledge of the industry allows us to identify gaps in solutions, and our ability to fulfill those through strategic partnerships is the unique value we bring to the market,” states Michael Hollander, managing partner at MOD Mission Critical. "This solution creates cost-effective, direct connectivity between Cyberverse, Telx, and Equinix at the 600 W. 7th Street data center. We believe our cross-connect strategy will foster interconnectivity not only within this facility, but also between this location and other data centers in the near future."

MOD Mission Critical now offers data center capabilities and metro cross-connect solutions at the following facilities:

  • 600 W. 7th Street (Equinix, Telx, and Cyberverse)
  • 624 S. Grand Ave. (Coresite)
  • 530 W. 6th Street

With the emergence of cloud communications and everything as a service (XaaS), the demand for colocation and data center requirements is on the rise. MOD Mission Critical is uniquely positioned to deliver these flexible and affordable solutions worldwide. Spanning over 100 facilities around the globe, MOD Mission Critical’s colocation customers benefit from access to their diverse network connectivity, fast service turn-up and maximum uptime and redundancy.