Eltek has announced that its high efficiency (HE) DC power technology was selected to power the enterprise and data center computing resources for the new SouthEast Bank building in Farragut, TN.

The project was successfully designed and installed by Eltek partners Taylor Telecom Solutions and Solara Technical. While DC power is common in telecom applications, it is just emerging as a lower cost, green solution for enterprise networks and data centers because it offers dramatically less power loss due to conversion from AC to DC.

SouthEast Bank engaged Taylor Telecom and Solara to help it build a network in its new four-story headquarters building. The company required connectivity to support traditional PCs, WYSE zero clients, VoIP handsets, wireless access points, IP security cameras, and other network connections.

Eltek’s Integrated Power System with Energy Star-qualified V-Series HE rectifiers are powering all of the facility’s remote gigabit-capable passive optical network (GPON) terminals. The 48V DC integrated power system is located in a centralized data room, with GMT 10X-U distribution panels located next to each optical splitter. All equipment in the network is powered either directly from the integrated power system or, for AC-powered equipment, through a telecom-grade DC-AC inverter.

The power system design demonstrates the ability to distribute power from one centralized source compared to an AC-power architecture that requires distributed uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems with numerous external AC plugs for the optical network terminals (ONTs).

The centralized DC system provides much longer battery back-up capability, with cost-effective telecom-grade, long-life batteries. The initial cost of the system is low, and it can easily be expanded with the simple addition of supplemental plug-in modules.

Eltek’s V-Series HE rectifiers deliver industry-leading power density, high reliability, and efficiency levels that exceed 95 percent. The remote monitoring, maintenance, and data collection capability of the system strongly supports SouthEast Bank’s desire to fully monitor and control the entire network from offsite locations.

“The SouthEast Bank project was a true breakthrough for Eltek because our HE DC power system was able to deliver a very ambitious and reliable power system in a very innovative way, with dramatically lower capital and operational costs compared to traditional AC-powered solutions,” said Roel Cortez, Eltek’s vice president of sales for North America. “We appreciated working with such a visionary company as SouthEast Bank and with diligent partners like Taylor Telecom and Solara.”