GE has introduced a new and more compact 3U[1] Distribution Panel for data center power cabinet applications. The new distribution panel — accommodating a smaller rack-space footprint compared with typical 4U sized panels — serves as a secondary power distribution center for 48-volt DC battery power delivered to data center equipment.

The 16 position, 3U tall panel can be mounted in a 19-in. or 23-in. frame with multiple mounting options. The 3U Distribution Panel features both fuse and circuit breaker monitoring options using GE’s digital smart meter technology, a single- or dual- (A/B) load bus and a 600-amp carrying capacity per bus. In addition to circuit breaker or fuse alarms, the 3U Distribution Panel generates alarms for a power loss and low-voltage and power-overload conditions.

In addition, the new distribution panel communicates with GE’s Galaxy Millennium II Controller, which combines sophisticated control, monitoring and remote network access in a single, integrated unit. The controller is designed to simplify DC plant operations and maintenance routines as well as to optimize provisioning and expansion.

“Its smaller rack configuration, high capacity and ability to monitor circuit breaker status make the 3U Distribution Panel ideally suited for data center applications,” said Vito Savino, product line manager, DC Power Systems, GE’s Critical Power business.  

[1] A “U” is a measurement unit equal to 1.75 in.