Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) has announced that James Stark, the company’s Principal of Engineering, will present at DatacenterDynamics Converged Dallas. In light of recent power technology developments, his presentation, “Is it Finally Time for 380V DC Power in the Data Center?”, will explore ways in which direct current (DC) power can produce increased energy efficiency and reliability within a data center. This presentation, to be held December 9, 2014 at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel, will leverage EEC’s extensive experience and knowledge on the use of DC power in telcos. 

Deviating from the typical power distribution model to 380V DC has become more viable than ever with advancements in modern technology and equipment. Mr. Stark will discuss the latest industry ideas and trends regarding DC power for the data center, highlighting its potential benefits through a review of current ideology of power sources — citing examples from around the world. As a seasoned industry veteran, Mr. Stark has served EEC for more than two decades and his extensive experience in delivering mission-critical data center projects, site assessments and engineering studies has made him an expert in standby power generation systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), static switches, power distribution and more. 

“The opportunity to explore with other industry professionals the potential value of DC power distribution usage in the data center is exciting — especially as we work towards a more efficient and sustainable practice to powering mission-critical facilities,” says Mr. Stark. “I look forward to sharing my experience and discussing with attendees ways to improve their data centers as the industry continues to evolve.” 

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