MOD Mission Critical (‘MOD’) has announced the availability of its recently published case study on the MOD Mission Critical website. The case study examines how MOD’s unique proprietary algorithm enabled a Global Fortune 100 Company to improve network performance and ensure consistent quality of experience for its customers around the world. 

Online shopping has transformed the global retail landscape. A forecast by market research firm eMarketer predicts worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce sales to grow 20.1 percent in 2014, reaching $1.5 trillion. MOD’s latest case study addresses the key requirements and challenges of one of today’s largest online retailers, whose business depends on the performance of its global network as well as the accessibility of its customer base. 

The case study outlines the Global Fortune 100 Company’s requirement for a unique solution that enables it to accurately and anonymously measure service capabilities, including network performance and accessibility from nearly every point of the globe. The analysis also reveals how MOD fulfilled the company’s needs by developing and successfully deploying a proprietary, complex project design and management service that allowed the client to securely and anonymously log into its network systems and monitor service delivery against customer expectations. 

Leveraging eight geographically-diverse, global IP facilities, MOD ensures regional IP diversity, high-performance network connectivity and redundancy. MOD’s solution also enables the Global Fortune 100 Company to gain full visibility into its expansive, evolving network. It further arms the Global Fortune 100 Company with the performance data and intelligence to support ongoing and future global network improvements, ensuring a consistent, high quality experience for its customers both today and tomorrow. 

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