Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) has announced that NTT FACILITIES, INC. (NTTF) will take a majority interest in EEC. NTTF is investing in EEC to enhance its service offerings and assist customers in maximizing data center performance in the United States.

For nearly three decades, EEC has successfully helped thousands of telecom and data center clients maximize the productivity of their mission critical infrastructure. Boasting a 98% renewal rate, EEC, with its Mission Critical Lifecycle ServicesTM (MCLS) approach, views data centers as a single entity, utilizing a holistic approach to the design, construction and maintenance of data center facilities and mission critical equipment. Through this unique approach, which incorporates five interrelated areas of the mission critical facilities lifecycle — planning, design management, construction, operations and maintenance, and assessments — EEC has helped its customers reduce service costs and achieve important objectives such as availability and power usage effectiveness (PUE) targets.

Bringing NTTF’s valuable financial, engineering and R&D resources, this partnership will enable and accelerate EEC’s offerings, allowing the company to scale and increase the speed of its successful formula including expanding its various benefits to a broader U.S. market. As an NTT FACILITIES GROUP company, EEC greatly increases its ability to help its data center and telecom customers increase reliability, improve capacity, reduce costs and increase energy efficiency.

Satoshi Usui, NTT FACILITIES, INC. senior vice president, stated, “Throughout our search for a partner, it was necessary to discover a company that holds the same values and mission as NTTF, and we were able to finally find this within EEC.”

“EEC and its Mission Critical Lifecycle Services provide unique approaches that, like NTTF, focus on providing high value to customers through a passion for mission critical uptime,” explained Masahiko Kanai, NTT FACILITIES USA, INC. president and CEO.

“EEC is excited to become a member of the NTT FACILITIES GROUP,” said Ken Rapoport, EEC founder and CEO. “NTTF GROUP can offer a multitude of benefits to our organization, bringing valuable insights into technologies that can improve data center performance such as 380V high-voltage DC infrastructure, solar power and fuel cell infrastructure.”