Host in Ireland  has announced the release of a white paper titled, “Perception of Ireland as a Digital Asset Hosting Location”. The white paper is derived from a series of market-based surveys conducted July through September 2014 focused on identifying key elements driving the digital asset hosting market in Ireland. 

Host in Ireland surveyed the technology, financial services and healthcare industries to gain insight into overall perceptions of the Irish hosting environment. The first in this survey series, “Strategic Opportunities and Drivers”, was designed for the U.S. market to discern current perceptions regarding hosting assets in Ireland as well as identify global decision-makers and specific criterion that influences their hosting location decisions. The second survey, titled “Key Growth Drivers”, shifts the focus to the Irish market to gain deeper understanding into current sectors covered as well as perceived growth drivers and inhibitors within this region. 

Key survey findings indicate that CEOs (65.6%) and CTOs (34.4%) are among the key decision-makers for global hosting locations in the U.S., compared to CIOs (44%) and CTOs (37%) in Irish markets. The main factors contributing to location selection for U.S.-based companies include network connectivity, the availability of experienced personnel, energy costs and the region’s political and economic stability, while customer demand, incentives and proximity to fiber networks tend to drive Irish organization hosting decisions. Irish companies also identified cost, connectivity and competition as recurring challenges of selling Ireland as an optimum location for digital assets hosting. The “Strategic Opportunities and Drivers” survey reported that while 58% of U.S. companies are considering expansion into Europe in the next year, 51% are not currently considering Ireland as a location for digital assets hosting. 

“These survey findings are an invaluable tool for Host in Ireland as well as the community as a whole, identifying the key aspects customers look for when selecting a location for hosting their digital assets,” says Garry Connolly, founder and president of Host in Ireland. “Our goal is to educate the market of the opportunities readily available in Ireland in terms of connectivity, power costs and policies, and combat current misconceptions among the community to help secure Ireland as a first-rate location for digital assets hosting in Europe.” 

Survey findings and key insights from multiple industry leaders will be discussed in depth during the half-day event “From Electrons to Neurons, Why Hosting Matters to Ireland”, co-located with Data Centres Ireland 2014 and Cloud & IT Security Ireland on November 11, 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. 

To receive a copy of Host in Ireland’s white paper, “Perception of Ireland as a Digital Asset Hosting Location,” the website