Compass Datacenters has implemented a unique new training program for customers that helps ensure that when they get the keys to their new data center facility, the handover and startup processes are seamless and successful. In collaboration with Schneider Electric and Lee Technologies, Compass has created a series of 16 video-based training seminars that are designed to prepare customers and each member of their data center team to successfully assume control of their new data center facility and begin operations. The training videos are designed to work hand-in-hand with Compass' detailed operational documentation, including both Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Operating Procedures.

"The data center industry does a lot of things well, but one clear area of weakness has always been the way we as an industry hand over completed data center facilities to customers. Customers too often get inadequate support once they get the keys to a new data center, and that's not fair to them, especially when you consider the complexity of data centers today," said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. "Data center providers should do more, and Compass is setting a new standard for that level of support with our CompassCare program."

"Handing over the keys to a new data center isn't the end of the process for a data center provider. It should be the beginning of a new phase of a data center provider's work with a customer," said Rebecca Brese, senior vice president of quality and service at Compass. "This new video training program is one of the ways Compass is helping set customers up to succeed as soon as they walk into their new facility no matter if they buy or lease the facility. In addition, this training resource also ensures operational excellence over time by allowing new employees to receive the same training that a data center's original staff receives."

This video training program expands the support services that Compass provides to customers through CompassCare™. For customers that choose to operate their Compass data center with their own personnel (rather than have Compass manage it on their behalf), Compass Datacenters provides a full set of support services including:

  • This new video-based training and hands-on training about key issues such as BMS operation, HVAC and electrical system maintenance, fire alarm/protection system operation, generator maintenance and more
  • A comprehensive suite of documentation for all aspects of the facility's operation, including both standard operations and emergency operations
  • A warranty program that provides peace of mind and risk mitigation for customers, including the availability of extended warranties for key components that customers may want to back with stronger protection
  • Special support for upgrades and changes that customers may want to make in the future, via Compass' preferred relationships with vendors for enhanced solutions related to BMS, DCiM, security, HVAC and more
  • Quarterly performance and business reviews to ensure aligned priorities