TrendPoint Systems, Inc. has announced a new product: the EnerSure Enkapsis three-phase power quality meter.

Enkapsis provides full power quality monitoring with support for environmental sensors and high-speed waveform capture at 133 samples per cycle. The speed of the Enkapsis data capture makes it possible for data center managers to see spikes and anomalies on the waveform to make better-informed decisions and solve problems quickly. Enkapsis PQM and waveform metrics can be viewed on an Android tablet via a custom app that functions as the HMI or integrated into the software front-end via Modbus TCP/RTU, SNMP, and BACnetIP protocols.

“In the realm of power meters, it’s definitely at the top of the spectrum in terms of the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the metrics provided,”says Jon Trout, TrendPoint’s CTO. “Most power meters cannot measure power fast enough to provide a visual rendering of a trend. Enkapsis gives data managers the insights and intelligence that they need to identify and resolve issues quickly.”

Enkapsis works as either a standalone three-phase meter or as the foundation for TrendPoint’s EnerSure platform, which includes EnerSure Bus, EnerSure BCPM (branch circuit power meter), and iBCPM (integrated branch circuit power meter).

In fact, Trout says, the name Enkapsis comes from a concept in which objects can be tied together and work as one but, when separated, still maintain their individuality. While Enkapsis by itself can give you power quality and waveform capture at a macro level, he says, the add-on modules really let you drill down into the facility.