Digital Realty Trust, Inc. has announced that the London Internet Exchange (LINX) will be establishing a full Point of Presence (POP) in support of running its dual LAN infrastructure from Digital Realty's Chessington data centre. The Chessington facility is already home to a large community of Cloud Service Providers and Content Delivery Networks, a significant proportion of whom value the level of traffic optimisation afforded by an indigenous Internet Exchange.

LINX connects over 550 ASNs from 61 countries around the world, enabling more reliable exchange of Internet traffic, increased routing control and improved performance. Through LINX the members are able to reach 85% of the total global Internet, making it the most connected Internet Exchange Point in the world. High quality data centres are critical to LINX's on-going reliability, as they house the equipment which LINX uses to operate the network upon which its members depend.

"LINX's decision to build a relationship with us means that, in addition to the full exchange in Chessington, clients across our London portfolio of eight data centre facilities will be able to connect via "satellite" Virtual Points of Presence," said Rob Bath, VP of engineering EMEA, Digital Realty.  "This relationship with LINX is made possible by the existence of the Digital Realty network ecosystem. We also very much look forward to helping support an important physical diversity of footprint for the exchange beyond the current concentration of city-based deployments."

Richard Petrie, chief technical officer, LINX commented, "As a member-owned world leading exchange point we only choose partners who can help us deliver secure, reliable and essential services to the largest networks on the planet. Digital Realty is a core partner in helping us continue to provide these services to our membership."