Uptime Institute and CNet Training have announced that they are working together to transform education throughout the global data center industry. Through a Global Educational Alliance they are providing vision, direction, and education to enhance professional development and advance careers within the worldwide data center industry.This alliance will provide access to a progressive and comprehensive set of training programs for all skill sets ranging from entry level to senior-level experts, including a Master’s degree, and will expose participants to advanced topics such as Accredited Tier Training. The Accredited Tier Training will continue to be administered and taught by Uptime Institute providing participants an opportunity to learn from leading industry consultants, and the suite of CNet Training data center programs will continue to be developed and delivered by their expert instructors throughout the U.S. and around the globe.

The synergy between the two organizations became apparent early – with Uptime Institute’s veterans placement initiative and CNet’s history that began as a military transition service and their parallel efforts to make entry-level training available to veterans who were seeking to establish careers in the data center industry.  The Global Educational Alliance grew from this foundation to serve the industry as a whole. The severe personnel shortage in the industry has to be solved with a sound long-term investment in training by all organizations that allow candidates to enter at any level, and gain greater knowledge and progress in responsibility. 

The data center industry has a growing personnel shortage due to rapid industry growth of 15+ percent per year and the aging of its current workforce.  “The need for a progressive training regime is obvious and with the other programs that we are pursuing on behalf of the industry, I believe this new Global Educational Alliance can make a significant contribution to solving this problem” says Lee Kirby, Uptime Institute chief technology officer.

Andrew Stevens, CEO/managing director at CNet Training, adds, “I believe our Global Education Alliance with Uptime Institute can really make a difference to the data center industry.  It unites two highly trusted global organizations to provide easy access to proven and reliable training for data center professionals resulting in industry recognized credentials and qualifications, which can enhance career progression and help with the standardization of skills and knowledge throughout the data center industry.”