Rosendin Electric hasannounced the company has received the Gold Constructech Vision Award in the Specialty Contractor: Electrical Work category. The award was recently announced in Redwood City, California, following Constructech magazine’s Technology Day.

The Constructech Vision Awards acknowledge companies that have stayed up-to-date on the latest trends and products in order to make decisions that have helped their businesses succeed and thrive. Rosendin Electric was selected for a Gold Vision Award for developing a new mobile app that works with the Autodesk® BIM 360™ Field platform to streamline material and tool management for field personnel.

Rather than manually listing materials or equipment and generating paper or email requisitions, the Material and Tool Management App allows the field team to use mobile devices to order conduit, wire, fixtures, and other materials. The requisition is automatically routed for approval and fulfillment by purchasing, the equipment yard, Tool Manager, or other departments. The App is designed to check inventory before generating a purchase order and every order has a QR code that tracks the materials from shipping to the final installation location. The App has even been extended to support Rosendin Electric’s pre-fabrication unit where assemblies are built, coded for tracking, and shipped to the job site.

With the deployment of the Material and Tool Management App, Rosendin Electric has been able to dramatically reduce the time required to process materials and equipment orders. It has also reduced shipping and receiving errors and provides excellent materials tracking. Furthermore, the App has been designed to integrate with the existing document repository software and mobile technology already in use so no additional software or training were required.

“We have found that using handheld devices on the job site has revolutionized the way we work, and receipt of a Gold Vision Award is validation of the company’s innovation and technological achievements,” said Sam Lamonica, vice president and CIO for Rosendin Electric. “We decided to create this app in-house since we better understood our requirements, and our team was able to acquire the skills needed for mobile app design and development so we didn’t have to restructure our IT Development Group. Now that we have the knowledge, we can continue to untether our field personnel, building apps for other business applications so users can access them from the job site.”

Rosendin Electric also received a Gold Constructech Vision Award in the category of Specialty Contractor: Electrical Work in 2011 and 2012.