Future Facilities North America (Future Facilities NA) has partnered with Glassboro, NJ-based DCIM Solutions, LLC to offer ACE, a predictive modeling and simulation service which assesses three critical indicators for optimal data center performance: Availability, Capacity and Efficiency.

ACE Jumpstart scores the data center on how compromised its availability, physical capacity and cooling efficiency have become by analyzing and mapping the interrelationship between the three variables. This score determines how well a data center is performing, and in turn, how costly the facility is to build and operate.

The data inputs can also be synchronized with any DCIM suite or other system monitoring toolkit and are mapped to a powerful 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model to create a Virtual Facility (VF), which allows for precise simulations for a variety of critical operational decisions, including: airflow distribution, temperature, physical resource collision, hardware performance, failure scenarios and electrical systems. DCIM Solutions has more than a decade of experience perfecting the calibration process, which is integral to establishing ACE goals and maximizing predictability. Through VF simulations, corrective measures are identified to bridge the gap between the data center’s current state and the aspired ACE Goals.

“Future Facilities is excited to partner with a data center infrastructure leader like DCIM Solutions,” said Sherman Ikemoto, Director, Future Facilities NA. “Through this partnership, ACE Jumpstart will be further optimized for the data center owner/operator. It’s gratifying to see the ACE Assessment becoming adopted as an important metric for data center efficiency.”

The calibrated VF produced by ACE Jumpstart will be imported into Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDC software and be available for immediate use, with a 90 Day Software License and formal training and support included. This will allow data center owner-operators to utilize simulation and predictive modeling throughout the life of their data center to stay on track to reach their ACE Goals.

“This partnership will provide immediate benefits for data center owners and operators that are looking to treat their data centers as a business unit,” said Dan McDougal, managing partner, DCIM Solutions LLC.  “Using the ACE methodology, DCIM Solutions will be well-equipped to help data centers of all sizes plan for capacity changes and prevent negative trends before they begin.”

ACE Jumpstart benefits include a fully calibrated CFD model, establishment of ACE goals and measurement of the current ACE score, identification of areas for remediation to improve the ACE score, a 90 day license of Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDC software and expert training and support. For those looking for a limited introduction to ACE, DCIM Solutions offers a scaled-down version of Jumpstart.