Applied Math Modeling Inc. has released CoolSim 4.3 with new features including quickly defining rack level details including gaps and servers to the 1U level of detail; new techniques for rapid selections of data center objects; the ability to group geometry and replicate groups multiple times with offsets in any dimension for rapid creation of data center layouts; a “power view” allowing users to visually represent rack power density in 3-D; the addition of cylindrical fans to any cooling unit for enhanced modeling fidelity; exposure of fan curve support for modeling high pressure containment designs; an enhanced object component library system including updates from the leading data center manufacturers including Emerson Power, Stulz, Tate, and Schnieder Electric; the ability for users to create their own library items and store them for use latter; and a Pre-Simulation Report that allows users to review model input data in one report, allowing users to make changes to input parameters from within the report.  

 CoolSim 4.3 is based upon an all new model building environment, which improves user productivity by allowing models to be built in multiple concurrent views. Thus the data center model can be constructed using both 2-D and 3-D views at the same time. The option to use multiple display monitors is also supported, offering additional on-screen real estate for building more accurate representations of the data center.