FieldServer Technologies’ FS-B35 Series Building Automation gateway has received the BTL Mark under device profile B-ASC.  Thus, the FS-B35 joins a long list of protocol gateways from FieldServer that carry the BTL Mark, more than any other gateway manufacturer.

The FS-B35 Series is a multichannel gateway with serial, LonWorks and Ethernet ports that can interface with multiple devices enabling them to connect to today’s open protocol networks.  In addition, versions are available with PROFIBUS, DeviceNet or ControlNet.  With access to FieldServer’s extensive protocol library the gateway can interface to over 100 protocols and thousands of devices.  The extensive memory combined with modern utilization monitoring allows the FS-B35 to handle up to 1000 points and is expandable to 10,000 points.  In addition to BTL Marked, the FS-B35 is also LonMark Certified.