Notifier by Honeywell has introduced a new intelligent version of its FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) detector, made to provide very early warning of smoke for high-value and critical facilities, as well as within extremely challenging applications. The intelligent FAAST detector’s ability to directly integrate with Notifier fire alarm systems enables it to supply more detailed alarm, fault and trouble information, thereby simplifying system monitoring, maintenance and overall design.

FAAST requires no additional hardware, software, or special wire, and by integrating with Notifier fire alarm systems like many other addressable detectors, aspiration system installation becomes very straightforward. Notifier can support up to 31 intelligent FAAST detectors on a single loop.

Utilizing a network of pipes, the FAAST detector continuously draws air samples into its sensor. Its exclusive dual sensing technology uses a highly sensitive blue LED (light-emitting diode) to sense smoke, while an infrared laser quickly distinguishes other airborne particulates that could otherwise cause a false alarm. Through the use of complex algorithms, the detector then interprets signals from both sources to warn of smoke up to 60 minutes prior to combustion.

Five programmable alarm levels, the most offered by any aspiration detector, allow optimum flexibility in setting detector sensitivity levels and warnings for site-specific requirements. An exclusive Acclimate Mode feature automatically regulates system settings to stay within pre-specified parameters to adjust to current conditions and further reduce false alarms.