GE’s Critical Power business has introduced its new QBVE060A0S10R4 625-Watt (W) and the QBVS050A0B 600-W, quarter-brick bus converters. These new modules are part of the company’s Barracuda product series of fully regulated DC/DC power devices. The new bus converters deliver highly efficient power to the load — with efficiencies exceeding 96%. In addition, the QBVE060A0S10R4 and QBVS050A0B fully regulated bus converters provide efficient, reliable power to high-bandwidth streaming applications such as fourth generation long-term evolution (4G LTE) wireless networks, 100-gigabyte dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical networking infrastructure, high-density integrated circuit test equipment and network monitoring and security equipment.

Key features and benefits of the QBVE060A0S10R4 625-W and QBVS050A0B 600-W bus converters include support of intermediate bus applications where multiple low voltages are generated using point of load converters; the fully regulated devices support distributed power architectures, intermediate bus voltage applications, fan assemblies, and other systems requiring tightly regulated output voltages; the QBVE060A0S10R4 625-W bus converter operates within a 45- to 56-volt DC input range, delivering 10.4 volts of DC power; the QBVS050A0B 600-W bus converter operates within a 52- to 60-volt DC input range, delivering 12 volts of DC power; and modules can be paralleled in sets of three for higher power applications.