MOD Mission Critical (‘MOD’) is expanding the availability of its Colo by the ‘U’ service in two Cologix data centers including Toronto (TOR 1) and Dallas (DAL 1). Through the availability of Colo by the ‘U’ at the 151 Front Street and 1950 Stemmons Freeway INFOMART facilities, customers now benefit from the ability to purchase only the colocation space they require, resulting in lower costs, increased flexibility, and the opportunity to ‘pay as you grow.’ 

Offering cost-effective colocation options by a single rack unit — approximately 1.75 in. of vertical cabinet space — Colo by the ‘U’ provides customers with unprecedented scalability. Colo by the ‘U’ transcends traditional data center and colocation offerings, allowing customization of space requirements based on business’ specific needs without wasting unnecessary space and capital. In addition to Dallas and Toronto, MOD’s Colo by the ‘U’ is also available in data centers in major cities throughout the world including Ashburn, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York, Phoenix, San Jose, and Sydney, with future deployments scheduled in Amsterdam, Chicago, Denver, London, Miami, São Paulo, and Seattle. 

“Cologix’s Dallas and Toronto data centers meet our superior standards of quality, security, redundancy, space, power density, capacity, and availability for our customers’ online applications,” says Scott Charter, managing partner at MOD Mission Critical. “Boasting superior connectivity and vibrant tenant communities, these Cologix locations are ideal for the continued expansion of our colocation solutions, including Colo by the ‘U’ — which continues to exceed demand.” 

Home to a high concentration of telecommunications companies, Dallas is also considered a major communications hub for the entire Southern US. As the business and financial hub of Canada, Toronto is the headquarters of 40% of Canadian businesses. Cologix’s Toronto data center is Canada’s largest carrier hotel with access to over 140+ networks. 

“Collaborating with a trusted partner like MOD to provide a unique service such as Colo by the ‘U’ gives Cologix a strategic edge over other data center providers in the Dallas and Toronto markets,” explains Jay Newman, chief sales officer of Cologix. “Coupling MOD’s Colo by the ‘U’ services with our superior colocation solutions allows us to ensure Cologix customers’ needs are met on virtually every front.” 

MOD is a single-source provider of custom, flexible and affordable data center colocation solutions. Spanning over 100 facilities around the globe, MOD provides customers with expert support from initial equipment racking, through installation, testing, turn-up and ongoing management. MOD’s Colocation customers also benefit from access to diverse network connectivity, fast service turn-up and maximum uptime and redundancy through one central, highly efficient Network Operations Center (NOC).