IO has announced that Parwan Electronics Company (PEC) consolidated its IT infrastructure at IO’s data center in Edison, NJ. The colocation solution is based on IO’s data center modules and integrated operating system. As a result of the technology upgrade, PEC is delivering robust and highly reliable enterprise and carrier-grade telecom solutions to its customers.

“IO has given us the peace of mind that we never had before when we operated our own facilities,” said Vinay Tschand, chief technology officer at PEC Telecom. “We have been able to grow our customer base without worrying about network operations, and deliver new products faster than we could previously.”

PEC chose to consolidate all of their IT gear into half of an IO.Anywhere module. This controlled environment allows PEC to simplify its server footprint, reduce spending on data center costs, improve security and ensure high availability and business continuity.

“IO has allowed us the flexibility to secure our telecom business with a modular approach – all backed by a relentless team that really cares about our business,” said Tschand. “IO New Jersey offers the reliability and functionality to meet our mission-critical needs. When we take prospective clients to the site, we earn that added bit of confidence we need to close a deal.”

The turning point for PEC Telecom that spurred its move to IO New Jersey was Hurricane Sandy. During the nine-day power outage at its Manhattan-based facility, the company was able to stay operational, but its primary Internet provider was down for 12 days. And although power reliable, the PEC in-house facility was expensive to maintain.

IO provides PEC Telecom and its customers the right balance of availability, support, pricing and geographic access. PEC chose IO’s colocation solution built on a modular and software-defined data center platform because it provides Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for Internet connections, 24x7xForever support and Tier III certification for design documents from the Uptime Institute.