Schneider Electric has announced the expansion of its Uniflair LE cooling unit portfolio with the introduction of the Uniflair LE HDCV 4500 and HDCV 5000 models, addressing the needs of data centers where higher cooling capacities and optimized efficiency are required.

“As industry standards drive increasingly strict efficiency requirements, data center managers — particularly ones operating large facilities — are under a growing amount of pressure to keep cooling and energy costs down while also optimizing operations and reducing potential downtime,”  said Anne-Marie Gignac, vice president, cooling, IT Business, Schneider Electric. “Schneider Electric’s new Uniflair LE HDCV 4500/5000 solutions provide an innovative way for data center managers to achieve increased heat rejection and availability while also reducing costs.”

Intended for large data centers — primarily cloud and colocation facilities — the Uniflair LE HDCV 4500, which occupies the same dimensions and footprint as the 4300 model, and the HDCV 5000 utilize a newly designed coil system and under-floor fan module to deliver 20% higher cooling capacity, while drawing less power. This provides efficient room-level cooling for large data center environments and reduces OPEX. Now available with a 575V input power option for Canadian users, additional features of the Uniflair LE HDCV 4500 and HDCV 5000 include:

  • New 7 in. touch screen display: Allows for easy navigation of the microprocessor controller to clearly view unit conditions and configurations.
  • Updated controller & communications:  Integrated serial card for seamless integration to BMS using Modbus protocol.
  • Optional Ultra-capacitor Back-up Power Option: Provides power ride-through to the controller in the system, allowing the system to return to full capacity more quickly in the event of a power outage.
  • Dual power supply w/ATS option: Dual power inputs with a built-in automatic transfer switch providers users the ability to feed two independent power supplies to the unit for redundancy and recovery during power disturbances.
  • Five air discharge configurations: Provides the ability to customize down flow plenum by blanking desired panels. Options include bottom, front, front and sides, rear, and open discharge.
  • Optional high efficiency filter plenum: Decreases pressure drop to increase efficiency

The Uniflair LE HDV4500 and HDCV5000 come with Schneider Electric’s optional Start-up Service, which provides an industry leading one-year warranty on parts, with labor and travel included.

Furthering its investment in cooling efficiency, Schneider Electric has also announced new enhancements to its Uniflair LE 60Hz Direct Expansion offer for North America, including 575 VAC/60Hz power, a new color touch-screen display and a host of factory-installed options and accessories for flexibility and simple, cost-effective installation. Schneider Electric has also initiated a rollout of a lower priced next generation EcoBreeze™ indirect evaporative cooling unit with economizer. This new EcoBreeze uses an improved heat exchanger and is designed with a more rugged frame and finish.