AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) has announced that its U.S. subsidiary, AMS-IX USA Inc., is partnering with Digital Realty to expand and establish a Point of Presence (PoP) in Digital Realty’s 365 Main Street facility in San Francisco. AMS-IX Bay Area builds on the successful and proven business model of AMS-IX in Amsterdam and New York, which, with almost 700 connected parties and a peak Internet traffic rate close to 3 Tb/s, is currently the world’s largest Internet connectivity hub. 

AMS-IX USA Inc. brings an affordable, neutral, and distributed Internet Exchange model to the Bay Area, delivering the interconnection market enormous value by decreasing complexity and associated costs. Leveraging its partnership with Digital Realty, AMS-IX Bay Area offers stable, fast, and cost-effective Internet peering services to business customers while building upon the company’s neutral and distributed formula. 

By launching a PoP in Digital Realty’s 365 Main Street data center, this leading colocation facility can now offer additional peering opportunities to its customers, improving the connectivity and reach to their end-users. This partnership also allows companies connecting to AMS-IX Bay Area’s platform the opportunity to locate and/or expand their network presence within a secure and modern interconnection facility in downtown San Francisco. With the establishment of this Internet Exchange partnership, Digital Realty’s Bay Area clients can expect to experience reduced latency and transit costs by peering directly with AMS-IX Bay Area. 

Leveraging their collective Open-IX certifications, AMS-IX Bay Area, which is OIX-1 (IXP Technical Standards) compliant, offers the San Francisco Bay Area market a strong commitment to the association’s initiative to reduce the complexity and associated costs for interconnection, while Digital Realty’s OIX-2 (Data Center) certified facility ensures compliance with the technical and operational standards for data centers expected and often required by the industry.

“Starting AMS-IX Bay Area in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley region, following the Open-IX IXP standards, is a great opportunity for us to bring enormous value to the interconnection market by offering an affordable and highly distributed Internet Exchange platform,” explains Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX. “We are pleased to continue to expand our relationship with Digital Realty, who has proven to be a trusted and reliable partner.”

Digital Realty General Manager of Colocation and Connectivity John Sarkis added, “The expansion of the AMS-IX / Digital Realty relationship from New York to San Francisco further strengthens and expands Digital Realty’s commitment to the Open-IX initiative. We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the widest possible range of connectivity options.”